As the first of several projects, funded by the Food Allergy Consortium, Understanding the Natural History of Food Allergy will be the first major undertaking of the Northwestern University Food Allergy Consortium. This Consortium will develop a network of partnering allergy clinics to conduct scientific investigations examining the increasing prevalence of chronic food allergies throughout Chicagoland. HealthLNK Registry Services (HRS) are data partners that design and develop a secure back-end database, which houses all information (baseline and prospective) for study participants. HRS utilizes the secure server infrastructure of MRAIA, who is a designated agent of the Illinois Department of Public Health, for receiving and transmitting clinical data from healthcare systems throughout Illinois; MRAIA has hosted numerous regional and national research projects, and public health activities. 

HealthLNK will serve as the central data hub for the proposed ‘Food Allergy’ Registry.

The study will include:
1.  Analyzing laboratory values over time
2. Looking at reaction history
3. Determining if reactions follow similar patterns or differ significantly
4. Observing where, when, and how accidental ingestions occur
5. Gathering information about the child’s environment
6. Considering additional comorbid conditions and demographic data


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